Director: Mary Rumman
Producer: Alyssa Dawson

Show dates and times: March 21, 22 & 23 at 7:30 PM
Doors Open: 7:00 PM

Venue: The 5th Corner, 211 Willis Rd., Saline MI.
Please note, there are steps to get into the building and to the restrooms.

Seating: General admission

Ticket Prices: $16 adults, $12 children (12 and under)

Ways to Get tickets:

At door: Cash or check ONLY accepted

Phone: Call 734-546-8584 to reserve tickets to be held at will call (cash/check) for up to 10 minutes before showtime. Let us know date requested, number of tickets, and callback phone number.

Email: Send message to listing the date you are coming and the number of seats requested. These will be held at will call for you up until 10 minutes before showtime. Cash/check

Plot Synopsis: Purdy, who runs her Showtime Cafe famous for such dishes as "Fistful of Dollar Pancakes" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham," is getting ready for a food critic purported to be in town. Then she learns that her old boyfriend is back in town. She and Austin made a pledge that if they weren't hooked up to anyone else in 25 years after high school, they'd get together. During her flutter of activity, the elderly town gossips, Amelia and Celia, spread the word. Oracle, practically a fixture in the place, meantime gives Cody advice on winning over his sweetheart Jeanie which ends up in an engagement, much to Jeanie's delight and Cody's surprise. A new couple, the Mortons, show up in town creating even more confusion. And the big question is, will Purdy and Austin get together?

About the Play: This play is an ensemble comedy that takes place in a cafe. The author, Pat Cook, also wrote Murder for Dummies, which SAP performed to enthusiastic audiences in the spring of 2018.

PURDY WADE: Karrie Waarala
JEANIE: Emma Hutchinson
CODY: Alex Ross
MILES: Jerry Doty
MAG HOCKNER: Barbara Day
T.J.: John Harrell
GRANT MORTON: Brent Lofgren
LUCY ROHOWER: Krissa Rumsey
TWYLA: Hannah Weatherly
STRANGER: Kyle Newmeyer

Purdy finds out her old boyfriend may be in town

Dr. Lucy checks on Purdy's health...again

Waitress Jeanie and cook Mag at the Showtime Cafe

Oracle tells about small town life to visitors Grant and Connie

Amelia and Celia try to determine if the food critic has arrived

No more free chips!